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Clifton A. Casteel, Author, Researcher and Teacher

Understanding Reading Comprehension and LITERACY RESEARCH Publications.

Over the past twenty-five years as a secondary teacher, I have carefully observed and analyzed the interactions of teacher-student by race, gender and class. My classroom-based observations combined with that of other research data led me to publish material (listed below) that I believe will enhance and ameliorate teaching tecniques of secondary classroom teachers, most noticeably, teachers who are asked to significantly improve the reading-writing literacy comprehension level of their students. Hopefully, the research articles presented will deepen understanding of how classroom interactions between teacher and students can lead to new thinking and improvement in the classroom. Furthermore, I am convinced the difficulty of teaching reading is a psychological process for teachers and parents. And we know that intelligence has never been found to be an important factor in learning to read, although reading appears to contribute significantly to intelligence. Linguisticians aren't sure how children learn to read. Yet in my abstracts I attempt to reveal how readers decipher printed text and transfer meaning to the mind. I also concluded that IQ alone is not the only variable critical to the process of understanding printed text. Teachers should stress the value and application of 'short-term' memory in regard to a reader's comprehension.

Mr. Casteel's academic publications have been cited in more than 168 Peer-Review Journals, books, and textbooks. He is considered a proficient researcher in the discipline of education. One of Mr. Casteel's most referenced and discussed researched articles, "Teacher-Student Interactions and Race in Integrated Classrooms," 2001, was one of the articles used to argue a case before the United States Supreme Court (No.02-241), concerning Affirmative Action (Petitioner, Grutter v. Bollinger, ETAL., Respondents). Grutter (a white student) claimed she was was not admittied to the University of Michigan Law School because of her race. She asked the Court to rule against Affirmative Action and admission based solely on race alone. The statistical and highly throughout article mentioned, has been highly acclaimed and referenced in regard to Race of Teacher and Students in Integrated Classrooms and Minority Students' academic success.

Published Research Articles Discussed include the following themes:  Answer-Changing on Tests; Motivating Reluctant Readers; African-American and Caucasian Students Academic perceptions; Computer-Assisted-Instruction (CAI) usage with slow-learners; Teacher-Student Racial Relationship and Learning; Methods of Improving Reading Among Low-ability Readers.

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