A Lady’s Heart and Soul

a novel by

Clifton A. Casteel


A Lady’s Heart and Soul: My Life as a Colored-Negro-Black- African American is-
A realistic-historical biography. The protagonist, a lady of color, gives readers vivid details of her journey throughout the mid-nineteen hundred, a time of Jim Crow. But this is not a romantic-love story. However, it is a story about a lady who is determined to find real-love, and to be happy and contented. Annie experiences overwhelmed tragedy, racism, acid heartbreaks and disappointments, but she refuses to file bankruptcy against the fruits of having a happy life. She does not allow her race or her gender to be the reason for failure, instead, she embraces self-discipline and believes it is one of the keys for success. When setbacks occurs, and her thoughts are to throw in the towel, Annie become stronger and digs deep inside of her soul for guidance. Annie vividly illustrates to readers: one should never give up or give in, rather, to be patient with oneself and give fate a fighting chance. And if the circumstance you desire isn’t in front of you, then look for them or make the circumstances that you desire. As the years go by, Annie realizes that everything she needs to fulfill her goals and dreams have always been within her. She discovers that with each new day, old unfulfilled dreams are eliminated, while new challenges, new imaginations and many achievements are realized. Annie’s vision of giving back and uplifting young underprivileged girls becomes a lifelong reality.

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The author, Clifton Casteel, has provided two chapters for reading from his novel A Lady’s Heart and Soul: My Life As A Colored, Negro, Black, African American.

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A Lady’s Heart and Soul is a warm and touching story of forbidden interracial love, of love lost, and love gained emotional told by a lady of color. Annie’s strength and will is an inspiration for every young girl of color. Readers are exposed to old witty dialogue and idioms—and slangs commonly used to make a point. The characters’ voices are real and unforgettable. We journey with the protagonist from her teenage years and throughout adulthood. We are emotional touched when her heart is damaged, and we yearn for her to find true love and to be successful. Annie journey through life is inspirational, and she is truly a role model for every young person.”

Grambling State University

Grambling, LA

“A story that has a blend of fact and fiction, which must be read by all young adults, and anyone who has ever thought about abandoning their desired dreams and weathered imagination. A Lady’s Heart and Soul is easy to read, extremely emotional and captivating. We laugh at characters’ dialect and beliefs that are hand down from previous generations—and readers are sympathetic to their struggles. With every word and thought that we read, becomes our desire and hope for Annie to succeed. Readers are exposed to a brief history of Jim Crow and struggles of the Civil Rights Movement.”

Tom Dent Book Festival

New Orleans, LA