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People vociferously pray for good health, wealth and other desires. However, they seldom pray to change their wicked and transgression ways.



For the good-part of my life I have waged moral battles with God. But as my old age engulfs me, I realize it was simply the war of misunderstanding that would be most telling. And that is, my misdirected ignorance and anger only brought me closer to the loving heart of an omnipotent God, a perfect Father that I have come to love and respect.


I am a man of little conscious. And I have little faith in Christianity. However, I am not an atheist because I don't have enough faith to be one.


As a man of some wisdom, I feel obliged to advise Jesus Christ not to return to this earth. His ideology and compassionate beliefs would be viewed as socialism and liberalism. He would be ridiculed and eventually given a death worse than He could imagine.


 Last night I dreamed that God and I had a dialogue, I said, "God, I am not much to speak of, and I don't know what to do with myself." And God replied: "Then do with what you have. Give to others what you can and do it the best you can. And by the way, leave the miracles to me."


Whenever God came down to [earth] to visit, He'd come by my house to spend some time. But I haven't seen Him lately. So I asked God why He had stopped coming by. He said: I like you better when you weren't so selfish.


God must be nauseated with people who attend church and confess their love for Him, and the next six days they push God aside to let Satan come in.


You may read the Bible and try to understand its content, but you'll have to do what the words say to accomplish anything.


People boast loudly that God is in [control] of everything. Well, I feel compelled to counter their belief with the following: Why did we have slavery, the Holocaust, murder, etc.? God gave man [free-will] to be in control of what they can and should do that is morally right and just.


I was fed up with my station in life. Thus, I decided to have it out with God and vociferated: God, I truly despise You and Your wisdom. I have no faith in You, and furthermore, You are an unjust God who plays favoritism. You have left me bare of everything I once processed. I need to know why have You abandoned me. I tried so hard to be what You wanted me to be. There came a response: "My faithful son, I am with you, I am inside of you. You see, I am like an earthy father who sees that one of his children is in need of him, and the father gives all he has, while reassuring his child that he loves the child more than the child knows. My own Son thought I had abandoned and forsaken Him. Try to regain your faith and trust in Me. I will never leave you alone, NEVER."

Christians vociferously state that they want to go to heaven. Yet I have never heard a Christian say that he or she would like to have someone else accompany them.



When you do something wonderful and fruitful to uplift others, it matters little to God, but it matters much to those in need. God doesn't need your efforts.


It's not what you do and say to God while you are in church; rather, it's what you do when you're out side of church and you think God is not around.


Imagine there was no evil, hatred, hunger, terminal illness and no abandon children. I'm sure the Creator had wished it could have been. If only man would have imagined it.


Who is God? Who is man? The former need not concern you with great wonder since it is above your full comprehension. However, you are capable of understanding your fellow man.


When I stand before my Creator, I will not ask for justice; rather, I will for His understanding and mercy for me and others.


My Creator stated: "You stand before me entreating for My mercy and forgiveness. May I remind you that you did not grant pardon and mercy to those that you believed to have offended you?"


Few men can call themselves a [true] Christian until the hour of his death. Being a true Christian is to struggle every day just to be honest, compassionate and moralistic to others.

People who shout and stump their feet during church services do so not because of the gospel, rather, they are releasing their troubles and emotions.

Man is forever asking God to change his circumstances; if only man would ask God to change him.

I feel that I should contact Jesus Christ so that I may advise Him not to return to earth. And if He did, He would be labeled a liberal and socialist and He would be given a death like He couldn't imagine.

Most people say they are are spiritual, yet few act on it.

What are morals and compassion? I found it, but not in the Bible or in societal morales, rather, it was deep in the cavity of my heart and my conscious soul.

Seek, and thee shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you, that is, only if you don't sit around and pray all day.



I am certain that God is very unpleased with His creation of man. His hope and desire was that man would exercise the morals, ethics and compassion that he placed inside of every human.