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Denise (Dee Dee) Farve
"A humbling dedication to my special friend who now lives with the angels. I miss you more than forever."



"25 suggestions that could forever change your life"

 (A guide for better living)

A narrative designed for my former students which I was fortunate to have learned so much from them. My goal was not only to teach them 'how to earn a living' - but 'how to live'. I only hope I was successful.

"I Will Be Wanting You"

 A lover misses his lover and remembers her with his sensuous words. He remembers his lover as his perfect mate.


"Life is Life"

 A guide to under-standing life, its problems and fruitfullness.


A LADY TO BE TREASURED: "We Will Be Missing You"
(Dr.Deborah W. Wilson, 2110)

The death of a young friend Dehorah Wilson, a highly intelligent colleague will be missed. Her death will forever leave her children and me empty.



GROW OLD IF YOU DARE The short-comings of being old.  

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