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 A Lady's Heart and Soul

   A Lady's Heart & Soul

 by Clifton A. Casteel

A Lady's Heart and Soul is a historical biography that will bring laughter, sadness, and a deep sense of admiration and respect for young as well as, older readers. The story of Annie Hollingworth, a woman of color, who spends her teenage years in a Southern Oklahoma town in the mid-nineteen hundreds, is an inspirational biography for everyone. Annie's young life unfolds at a time when colored people were forced to live under strict laws of, "Jim Crow" segregation, which often lead to self-belittlement.

As a teenager, Annie risks her reputation and her parents' welfare, when she boldly develops a casual relationship with the enemy, a white boy. Annie's life story provides readers a brief look into the historical aspects of the gut-wrenching struggles associated with the Civil Rights movement. Some of man's worst hatred is shown during the request for racial equality in the deep South. Despite overwhelming tragedies that seemingly never ended, Annie struggles to become all that she could and to give love and encouragement, and pride to others.

Mrs. Hollingworths life-story vividly illustrates that all of us are responsible for our own self-worth, happiness and success. And race should not be an excuse for failure. Each person must take the greatest risk of all, to live life to the fullest, no matter the unjust circumstances presented to you. Her biography clearly defines a positive and clear road map of belonging for every person that has encounters some type of adversity and concluded that life was nothing more than a recipe for suffering.

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