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I planed many seeds of love but none grew and blossomed. I wonder could it be that I never took the time to cultivate and nourish them. 


If a man isn't in love-he is nothing more than a walking corpse. And I would suggest he quickly find a funeral home.


Loving isn't rare, difficult and neither is it a challenge. It is simply a mind set.


Giving one's love away is one of the most difficult things one can do.

An acquaintance vociferously shouted: I wish I could find someone to love. I replied: I’m truly sorry that you can’t love yourself.


Loving isn’t rare, difficult or a challenge, it is very simple. And if nothing else, loving is a default of the mind.

Carrots may improve the eyesight. Apples may help the heart to function. And milk may strengthen the bones. But a small amount of love will cure the entire soul.


The wisest of men have never given a sound definition of love. Yet they know it when they have it and nothing else matters.

Love and loyalty are companions that can't exist without the other. I have seen men who were fools, as well as those who were as wise as King Solomon. But when it came to desiring the feeling to be loved, there wasn't a thread of difference between them.

One of the most ungrateful acts that scar the face of Almighty God is: not to love another person or let someone love you. Love is the only commodity that God bestowed on every man, equally. Therefore, one must be selfish or the king or queen of fools not to enjoy the fruits of love.

Love is love and that's all it is. Really!

Loving someone is never a mistake. Just make sure you love the right one, and in the right manner, and at the right time, and for the right reason.

Love is an action of the heart that surely will cost you a little piece of your heart and soul, but it will mend quickly.



Love is the greatest gift ever known to mankind. For no man would choose to live without love, even if he could rule the world and have enough wealth to fill a kingdom.Being in love is the zenith of one's happiness; not having someone to love is like living in a bottomless pit of hell.

Love is the only medicine that is free and will heal the complete body. And you don't need a prescription to acquire it. Yet I wonder why so many people are ill and suffering? 

Wealth gained and lost is pale in comparison to love gained and lost.


One of the worst sins toward a child is to grow-up without loving parents and having never heard: I love you, no matter what.


The heart being perfect opens its door to anyone with the correct key. Unlike the discriminative brain, the heart is a path to happiness.


If one wants to feel the heart stretched and challenged to exhaustion, just don't give it real love.


You will find love when you realize you are not the face of love.


It is easier to give away money than love; after all, in most cases, a return on money is not expected but it is on love.


Because I was always on my own mind, it could be the reason I don't have anyone to love or love me.



The human heart doesn't necessarily demand love; rather, it searches for someone to love.


People who are in love and filled with happiness are those people who gave up 'me', and adopted 'you and me'.

Few people know how to love someone else; perhaps it is because most people don't love themselves.

When it comes to love all men are mentally and socially challenged and must have some tutoring.