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No man should permit life to live him. Rather, he should live life with meaning.


From the time man is born until his death, he becomes a screen writer, an actor, a director and a producer. Each role [in the theatre of life] he chooses to play is mostly of his always choosing. However, whether man receives a standing ovation from his audience or he is rebuked, it will not always be of his design. And when he performs his final role, he can only hope that his performance will not whither with his death.


Most people can't enjoy life because they're too busy trying to understand it. 


Life sometimes forces a person to make a choice between, evil and goodness. One must be careful because evil grabs and won't let go. On the other hand, goodness leaves it up to your moral conscious to decide. 


I have come to believe there are five natural enemies of a [man's life]: Religion, Jealousy, Success, Failure, and Ignorance. Religion, when used excessively can dull rational thinking - for his thoughts will become a narrow light.  Jealousy leads to envy and hatred toward others and also, toward his own soul. Success causes a man to believe he knows everything and thus, he listens to no one; his way is always correct. Failure causes man to slumber off with his life and eventually his ego and soul fade away like time.  Ignorance is extremely dangerous and causes man to doubt facts clear to him as snow, which inevitably destroys his thinking, as well as his soul.   


Life forces us to make choices, and if we don't, choices are made for us. Life doesn't give a damn one way or another.


In life, there is nothing descent or immortal; that is, unless good and noble men apply wisdom, descency and morality to it.


I met a man in poverty who had previously lost his family and his earthly possessions. I asked him why wasn't he crying? The man held his head high and replied: "I don't have time for crying, and I just don't have a place to put my tears. And if I did cry, I wouldn't have anything left. I just won't let self-pity take my final dignity from me."


Life is a mess for some people because they are unaware that they are the big mess.


Life is extremely fair. It is your irrational thinking and unrealistic expectations that cause life to seem unfair and unjust.


Each man can write the lyrics to his life's story; he only expects others to provide the music.


Life keeps handing me bags of lemons. And my friends keep telling me to make lemonade from the lemons. The problem is: I don't have any sugar to sweeten the juice.


In life, the hardest thing I ever had to do was to tame my inflated ego.


My greatest accomplishment simply lies in my struggle to enjoy life.


People say live your life as if every day is your last. If this advice was taken, a person would be miserable and admired in confusion and fear.


Life problems seldom become easier, you just have to suck it up and become stronger.


When we know what we want in life, we are most likely to change our behavior and our goals to secure it.


Man must rise above his station in life if he is to reach down and help others.


Whatever is missing in your life is probably something that you didn't value or need.


Why would a man want to live if his goal is to get up every morning and live primarily for himself? How selfish is a man that can't see beyond his own needs?


Nearly all my life I was humble with everybody except myself.