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Creative and Diverse Metaphorical Statements by Clifton A. Casteel

Clifton A. Casteel, Author, Researcher and Teacher



If only I knew the day after tomorrow was today I would have lived yesterday.

Being black in a America is like that of a wax figurine in a blazing furance of racism.

A man's life and journey is like a flowering plant. He is adored, nurished and loved for a short time , and then no matter the atttention he withers and dies and is qucikly forgotten. 

It has been said that all men are created equally in the eyes of God; well, I couldn't agree more. However, the problem lies in the pure fact that some men have done everything they could to be unequal.

There are two things that a prudent person should never squander, love and time. Everything else is redeemable in some form or another. Man knows this and yet like a child, most people are guilty of both.

No man lives or dies in vain. If nothing else, he contributes to his environment by default.

A weed need no attention, however, a rose needs nursing as it is with a child if one expects a productive and moral child.

A man who says that he trusts no one is foolish. It is his own tongue that he should be afraid of.

If a man says [no] to everything, he must therefore say [yes] to something.

It's not what you think you know that will impede your progress; it is what you think you know that you don't know.

Every man has an ignorant and selfish brain, as well as an intelligent and compassionate one. Thus, a wise and moral man knows which one to give energy to.

Every man carries within his soul a lifetime of thorns. It is the effervesce that quickly removes his thorns and continue to press forward. But this is not so for the slothful man that refuses to take the energy to remove the thorns, but he finds solace in complaining to deaf ears.

It is astonishing that the ignorant are more expressive than the intelligent.

Most human beings are like water, they aren't aware of their value.

If a poor and unlettered man has only a drop of compassion to give to another, his contribution becomes more valuable than a man who brings a ton of gold.

The world has morally deteriorated to the point that Christians associate themselves where sinners dare not harbor.

Too many people worry about the afterlife; however, it is not of my concern. I'm convinced that in heaven or hell, I will have a cast of acquaintances.

A man should not only measure his success by victories, but also by his earnest efforts.

It is very difficult for a man to recognize and accept his own ignorance; instead he will readjust his lack of knowledge and argument and then underscore it.

Most people don't read or listen because they don't want to [unlearn] what they believe to be factual.

A foolish man doesn't change his ignorant ways; rather, he just becomes more confident that he is right.

People who argue and fight about being right are people who know they are wrong, yet they do so to cover up their ignorance.

Ask me to show you a man that is without sins and faults and I can. But I'd be forced to take you to the cemetery.

If you have to search what's inside of your heart, chances are, you don’t have much in it.

Don't be too quick to dismiss people when they put you down, eventually, and with time, they'll pick you up again.

If you have to ponder over the distance you have travelled and all your accomplishments, then there is a good chance you haven't gone far enough.

When a man says he knows how you feel, what he really means is, he knows how [he] feels.

Don't ask: What could I do effectively in this world? Simply, do what you do, and do it to your best ability. And I assure you that will do just well.

Every man is honest by simply knowing he truly isn't.

Deep down in one's own soul lies his distrust of the strength of one's own heart.

Character determines a man's moral compass, but his destiny defines his fate.

More men's souls have been destroyed by their jealousy of others than all the diseases known to mankind.

When a man looks in the mirror and doesn't smile at his reflection, he should not only wash his face, but his heart and soul as well.

Character is like a good bottle of wine. That is, when it's appreciated, someone will tell you, and when it isn't you'll also hear about it.

The most difficult thing for man to do is to look beyond his own eyes and heart.

The heart is fragile, but seldom broken or destroyed.

Restrain the mind from evil and the heart will thank you, enormously.

Deep down, no man truly respects time, if he did, he wouldn't squander it so foolishly.

A good intention isn't worth a pinch of salt, unless it is put on something that needs spicing.

Every man endures more problems and trouble than he believes he should. However, deep inside of his soul are more solutions than problems and troubles.

A man's brain is capable of figuring out nearly everything it has a mind to do so, that is, with the exception of understanding itself.

Once you realize that the world is a caring and giving place, you will become all that is inside of you.

Time doesn't pass man by; man simply refuses to go along.

I regret not asking myself sooner: Who am I? What is my soul mission?

There are three types of people. Those who say I can and I will. And those who say I just don't know, and then there are those who say "I won't." A good and decent person says "I can and I will."

Man's travel is uncertain and sometimes resembles a winding road, however, comfort lies in the man who knows his true destination.

An old dog can learn new tricks if the dog has a mind to do so.

A young woman is like the sweet smell of moist jasmine on a spring morning. However, in her old age she is like a pine cone, alive, though she is neither fruitful nor sweet.

To know one's heart is to live a good life, and to know one's faults is to exhibit respect for others.

Anger is present because of a physical and psychological need. Yet there is nothing wrong with a little anger, especially if it is done to bring about positive or good intentions.

I would rather have a glass filled with nothing than to have a glass filled  with criticism.

A mistake is not an error, rather an imperfect intention.

There is little doubt that God is merciful and forgiving, if not, all of us would be living in damnation.

Scientists have estimated that a man has approximately 60,000 thoughts each day. Unfortunately, these thoughts are mostly the same and without much merit.

It has been said that a man's compassion and deeds come from his  mother's heart. Obviously, most men must have been raised without a mother.

Some men are like salmon fish. They struggle all their lives to go upstream while fighting violent currents and obstacles. Once there, they don't know why they did.

There is something magical and soothing about a lazy Sunday afternoon. No wonder God decided to rest and relax on a Sunday.

A lie is like spit heaved in a strong wind. You just don't know if it will come back and hit you in your face.

Failure isn't much of a lesson if you don't know you've fallen short.

You can be the person you want to be, just be sure you choose the right person.

Cold hands may warm the heart, but kind words will energize the mind and soul.

Two heads are better than one, only if they both have common sense.

Money is not the greatest gift. It is time. Man can regain money but he cannot regain a second of time.

People generally end up pretty much where they wanted to be.

The most dangerous people are those who foolishly believe their knowledge exceeds every human they meet.

My friends tell me that I should have a positive attitude. I do. Unfortunately, I just have a hundred negative attitudes.

Real men don't cry, neither do phony men.

Listening to another person is a humble gift, not only is your knowledge enhanced but your compassion is noted.

Emotions are never simply [right or wrong]. It depends upon the prospective of the person receiving the emotions.

Distrust of another person will never truly heal, the question is: will your hurt become an open wound or a masked scar?

I have resigned myself to the mere fact that it matters little where I will dwell after my stay here on earth. For I have enjoyed the sweetness of heaven and I have labored through the vileness of hell. Thus I am prepared for either.

My heart and not my mind is a better judge of my convictions.

Every man is born a selfish liar. Sadly, most die the same way.

Man should never attempt to place himself above others, if he does, he might one day find himself lying on the ground looking up.

When you respect others, it doesn't mean they will respect you, however, it does mean you are a respectful person.

A sealed mouth and waxed ears have few friends.

It is better to do many things poorly than to do nothing perfectly.

The more you read and listen, the less foolish you are, and the more intelligent you will become.

There are three kinds of women. Those who act like a lady. Those who are good mothers. And those that know how to treat a gentleman.

Some people claim they can speak in tongues. They would be better off learning to use one tongue - intelligently.

Laziness may not be one of the original sins; however, it is destructive to he body, nonetheless.

Everything we do and say still leaves us with nothing more than grains of sand in an hour glass of mitigating time.

Fear is more destructive than cancer. Fear isn't real, but cancer is.

There is little value in knowing nothing and great stupidity in claiming to know everything.

Decisions made are based on past and present situations and not on future desires.

I have yet to meet a man that truly deserves to be in the company of God. On the other hand, I have never met a man that truly deserves to dine with Lucifer.

As fallible humans, we should see people with two eyes: one as a person truly is, and the other as a person might be. But never with eyes that you feel he or she should be like.

I ask you this: Is it better to have the right answer to a wrong situation? Or Is it better to have the wrong answer to a right situation? If the latter is the case, your moral thinking will give you the answer.

I have squandered a lifetime attempting to find out, [why was I born]. Now I am searching for the reason, [I must die].

For every weakness in your life, for every physical pain, for every heartache, and for every struggle- there is a solution that lies deep in your heart and soul.

If I'm to be cast into hell, I am not to mind too much. After all, most of my friends and all my lovers will greet me with open arms.

 Who am I? I am . . . ! I am me. I am my thoughts and actions. I am my joy, my sadness, my fear, my isolation and my ability to harbor love. I am me.

It is perhaps not our beliefs and aspirations that determine our destiny in life; rather it is the hands of lady luck.

It's not where you have been. It's not where you're going. Rather, it's where you are [now].

If the wings of a  young bird's are damaged, can you ever hope to teach it to fly by simply telling the creature that it's a bird?

Every man has a specific talent that exceeds others, yet most never find it.

Don't do things because you think they are the right things to do, but do them because [they are] the right things to do.

For people of color, everything they do and believe, they are still nothing more than wax dolls in the furnace of racism.

Money may not be able to buy you happiness and love, but I assure you, sir, it can buy you almost everything else.

What doesn't kill you doesn't necessarily make you stronger. Chances are, it will make you sicker and sicker, and finally it will most certainly kill you, but only when it has a good mind to do so.

If imagination is a person's precious asset, why are so many people living in poverty?

Man creates a problem when he tries to do what he thinks someone wants him to do. He should simply do what he knows is the right thing to do.

I do not believe a person's life is based on faith or luck. It is determinism that produces his success or lack of it.

We always have a choice about how wrong we will be. But there is no choice in being right. Right is right.

The greatest social fault is that man tries to solve a problem before he fully understands the problem. He argues about something before he understands it.

Most problems don't have to be solved, just quickly grow away from them.

It is little wrong in putting off a task until the next day, but don't procrastinate until tomorrow.

It is rather fruitless to ask God to change your circumstance. Rather, ask God to change you into a better person. You will always be faced with numerous circumstances.

If opportunity starts at one place, I assure you that it goes everywhere.

If you allow someone to place you on a high horse, you better make sure you know how to get off, for you will never be able to stay up there.

If you find yourself alone without your accord, it is probably because you're too perfect.

When you completely understand yourself, then you might completely understand others, but I doubt it.

When you become angry with a person for not telling you the truth, remember this: the next time he will tell you just what you want to hear, and chances are it will be a lie.

Never sleep on a confrontation you'll find it is uncomfortable and the next morning you might have bruises.

Don't worry about giving too much of yourself, I assure you-you will never run out.

Never let a person canonize you because eventually, you will be deemed a devil.

As I examine the consciousness of my life, I regret that I never forgave myself for simply being, me.

It's not how many goals you have. Rather, it's how many goals you accomplish.

Man should never fall in love with himself; chances are he will break his own heart.

I have hardly ever known a minister that was capable of understanding God's ways. He can only assume what God is and wants.

How foolish is a man who believes an eye for an eye. If he loose one of his eyes and takes another person's eye what does he gain? He will only have one eye that he can use.

When the soul is hurting, it looks for someone to heal it. And when the soul is offended, it looks for someone to punish or hurt.

Man spends too much of his time with thoughts of what has happened and not enough time with what he wants to happen.

I tried to buy respect, but eventually I had to file bankruptcy.

I begged for sympathy and no one listened as my vocal cords ruptured. But later, I asked for love and I receive it and it made me wealthy.

The old saying: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you can be misunderstood by some people.

Man's lack of knowledge can only be trumped by exercising his gratitude.

When a man asks for less and wants little, he is nearer God's heart.

Nobody likes or respects a learned fool.

When man asks God to help his brother he insults God. If he listens closely man would hear God say: Please stop troubling Me by asking Me to do what you can do. Get your mind off your selfish soul and it will be clear to you what and how you can help your brother.

I have yet to meet a man that truly realized how unholy and selfish he truly is.

There are two major tragedies in a person's life. One is to believe he or she knows everything, and the other, not to know his or her true calling and enjoy it.

The past is never dead. It merely lurks around the corner just waiting to get ahead of us.

A friend once said: You aren't as good or descent as you claim to be or wish that you were. How do I know this? Because I'm like you.

Wise men lean forward and not backward. The heart is the last organ to die. Probably because it is the last organ to give up on life, as well as people.

My life mission is to find my soul and do what God would have me do with it.

The greatest pain, worse than that of a terminal illness is the malady of a broken and not amendable heart.

When a smart and descent person become's aware of how little he or she knows about anything, and how immoral and selfishness he or she is- then the healing begins and stays within the soul throughout his or her journey.

A true moral person can be judged in the way he treats another person that disagrees with him.

Men don't have to do much to attract a deadly disease; it just finds them, just as doing wrong finds its way into the hearts of men. And they must struggle every day to attract kindness, empathy and morality.

When it comes to empathy, most people don't do anything or they try to do it all and eventually do nothing at all.

For years I kept waiting for words from God or at least a signal to reveal to me how to exercise empathy to those in need - then it came to me. I never waited for God to tell me to enjoy life or how to act selfish toward others.

There is nothing so vile as to be indifference to another human being. When we offer words of encouragement to others, we energize our soul mission.

Man should never ask God to understand his actions; rather, he should ask God for forgiveness for his lack of understanding. Just as God doesn't expect for man to understand many of His actions, but to accept them.

Regret is one of the most gut-wrenching emotions. It is worse than being told you have cancer. Regret is worse than poverty, for there is no cure or recovery for what is lost.

One's emotions [good or bad] aren't a problem if you control them and not be controlled by them. However, anger is an emotion that is always out of control.

The strongest emotion isthat of fear. It will cause you to fail when you could have succeeded. It is little doubt: fear is worse than death. For in death, you have eternal peace.

It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. However, a fool and his selfishness are more destructive to the soul.

Talk to yourself [literally] and listen to what is being said and you will become a knowledgeable and understanding person.

Most people wouldn't become upset with another if they knew the reason they became upset.

It isn't what you were thinking when you wronged someone, rather, it was what you weren't thinking.

Most people have dreams. But I caution you not to become a dreamer because you will be nothing more than a dreamer.

No man has a bad disposition. For an attitude is simply a moral judgement that we attach to someone we dislike or deem to be immoral by our standards.

A wise person is one that knows what he doesn't know and shouldn't know. However, his intelligent directs him to know what he should know.

Worrying can make you thirsty, hungry, tied, and eventually, it will reward you with peace, but not before your life is shortened and you are rewarded with an early grave.

Emotional intelligence is more powerful than analytical intelligence. Knowing when to control one's emotions while exercising self-discipline will take you further in life than knowing how to split the atom.

There seems to be three forces that lurk in the belly of all humans. One is self-hatred. Another is that of blame and denial. And the third force is self-determination. Which force dominates your soul is the one you energize daily.

Deep down inside his soul, no man much respects Father Time very much, for if he did, he wouldn't squander it. Yet Father Time has respect for man. He is the greatest ally of man. It knows when to get out of man's life, sometimes evolving swiftly, and for some, slowly, but surely.

It has been said that God gives us a test to see if we can pass. With much respect, I just wish I could tell God that I don't test very well.

An insignificant man makes many demands of others. But a significant man makes demands much of himself.

Sometimes ago I realize I couldn't be God. Thus I decided I would do what a loving God would do and not what I would do if I had His powers.

One of the greatest mistakes we make when we think and believe we know what is best for another person. But this only says we know what is best for us.

If most people understood themselves, they wouldn't be so quick to lay blame at the feet of other people.

Blame: If you can't read don't blame the book you have. Most people set out to change other people, but few ever think about changing themselves.

I have lamented over squandering time. Now I find myself lamenting over the time that I worried that I had lost. I need more time.

Don't be jealous of someone if you aren't willing to do what he or she did to have what you want.

If you see a person performing a task that you deem to be sordid and beneath your desire, you should not frown on that person; rather, you should respect that person for doing something that you couldn't or wouldn't do.

People tell me that I should look at life as if my glass is half full. I tell them that it is half full, but it is filled with hopelessness and saturated with pessimism.

My goal in life is not to delicate my life to Christ; rather, to reach out and show compassion to the needy. After all, Christ is perfectly capable of taking care of His own well-being.

I am not much afraid to die and go to that place that is referred to as hell. Heck, all my life I haven't known anything else but hell.

There are many ways to lead your life. You can complain, but it will do little for your situation. You can choose to harbor depression, and it will garner you a bit of sympathy. Or you can search and dig deep inside your mind and soul and get beyond your situation and go forward. The choice lies within your heart.

It is not hope that drives man to succeed, rather, it is fear. For fear will force man to act or do nothing.

Man is the sum of his behavior. Therefore, man should question his repeated behavior.

Most people who have a negative attitude aren't the result of a profound problem. Rather, it is the attitude that caused the problem. Adjust your [negative] attitude when necessary and your behavior will improve.

I can assure you that in the regiment of humanity, one pound of kindness or empathy is worth more than a ton of gold.

I have lived many years of life, however, I have never understood life.

You may not be able to always control your negative desires, but you can always control your actions.

Wise people know their limits. On the other hand, fools never reach their limits.

Every human carries around inside of his heart two ravenous souls, that of evilness and selfishness, and the other, kindness and respect. A decent man nourishes the soul of kindness and respect, while starving the soul of evilness and selfishness.

I have decided to love and accept myself as I am, because everywhere I went I couldn't rid myself of me.

My friend, if you feel that you're going through hell, I advise you to hurry and don't take a break. On the other hand, if you're enjoying heaven, I advise you to take your time.

I have met many men who have a wealth of knowledge, but only a few that have an ounce of wisdom.

Do you call yourself a Christian? Before you answer, let me remind you that being a Christian is not just attending church services or about praying. It is about developing the compassion in the heart and mind so you become engaged followers of Christ and focus on making the world a better place. Now I ask: Are you a Christian?

A colored man is like an old mule. His work is never done and seldom appreciated.  

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