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Three listed articles have gained national attention and have been referenced most often: (#2) Teacher-Student Interactions.... and
(#3) Attitudes of African American and Caucasians Eighth Grade.... and (#1) African American Students' Perception of Their Treatments....

DOWNLOAD1. Title: African American Students' Perceptions of Their Treatment by Caucasian Teachers.
Authors: Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Journal of Instructional Psychology; Sep2000, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p143, 6p, 1 chart.
Focuses on African American students' perceptions of the types of treatment they receive from Caucasian teachers in the United States. Measurement of racial preference of teacher; Perception of the majority of the students; Preference of students for African American teachers over Caucasians; Rejection of the notion of being instructed by a specific race. ISSN: 00941956.

DOWNLOAD2. Title: Teacher-Student Interactions and Race in Integrated Classrooms.
Authors: Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Journal of Educational Research; Nov/Dec98, Vol. 92 Issue 2, p115, 6p, 2 charts.
Document Type: Article.
Subject Terms: *TEACHER-student relationships AFRICAN American students *MIDDLE schools
NAICS/Industry Codes: 611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools.
Investigates the treatment of African American students and Caucasian American students in the middle schools by Caucasian American female teachers in an integrated classroom. Multicultural awareness in schools; Biased treatment of African American students; Effects of teachers' treatment and attitudes on their students. ISSN: 00220671.

DOWNLOAD3. Title: Attitudes of African American and Caucasian Eight Grade Students About Praises Rewards and Punishments.
Authors: Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Elementary School Guidance & Counseling; Apr97, Vol. 31 Issue 4, p262, 11p, 4 charts.
Document Type: Article
Subject Terms: *STUDENTS' Attitudes *REWARD (Psychology) in children *PUNISHMENT *CROSS-cultural studies
Investigates the attitudes of African and Caucasian American students towards praises, rewards, and punishments. Comparison of attitudes between races and genders; Race and gender as factor in students' attitudes about reward and punishment; Students' attitudes modulated by cultural and biological factors.
ISSN: 00135976.

DOWNLOAD4. Title: Race of Fictional Protagonist and the Reading Comprehension of Urban African-American Middle School Students.
Authors: Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Journal of Instructional Psychology; Dec95, Vol. 22 Issue 4, p303, 5p Document Type: Article
Subject Terms: *AFRICAN Americans *STUDENTS *ORAL interpretation of fiction *CAUCASIAN race
Examines whether African-American students prefer to read fictional material on their own race or about Caucasians. Results highlighted; Low ability to read referenced. ISSN: 00941956.

DOWNLOAD5. Title: Reading Comprehension in Caucasian Middle School Students: Effects of the Race of Protagonists.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A., Vernon C. Haynes Middle School, Metairie, LA, US Rider, David P.
Source: British Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol 64(1), Feb 1994. pp. 19-27.
Publisher: United Kingdom: British Psychological Society. ISSN: 0007-0998 Language: English.
Examined the effects of reading comprehension in Caucasian middle school students when presented with African American and Caucasian protagonists. 57 Caucasian 7th-grade high ability and low ability readers read fictional passages containing 9 African-American and 9 Caucasian protagonists. Following silent reading of each passage, the Ss responded to a 20-item multiple-choice test 2 ANOVA was conducted on the number of times designed to measure comprehension. A 2 test items answers correctly. Results demonstrated that all Ss answered significantly more test items correctly over passages about Caucasian characters than they did over passages about African-American characters. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved).
Age Group: School Age (6-12 yrs) (180) Adolescence (13-17 yrs) (200) Journal, Peer Reviewed Journal.

DOWNLOAD6. Title: Basal Sidenotes: Do They Effect the Comprehension of Poor Readers.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Reading Improvement, v30 n2 p122-24 Sum 1993. ISSN: 0034-0510.
Descriptors: Basal Reading, Grade 8, High Risk Students, Instructional Effectiveness, Junior High Schools, Reading Comprehension, Remedial Reading, Grade 8, Junior High Schools.
Evaluates the effectiveness of "sidenotes" designed to improve reading comprehension and foster self-independence among poor-ability eighth-grade readers. Finds no significant effect associated with basal reading passages containing "sidenotes." (RS).
Publication Type: Reports - Research; Journal Articles Availability: Not available from ERIC.

DOWNLOAD7. Title: Answer Changing on Multiple-Choice Test Items Among Eighth-Grade Readers.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A., Vernon C. Haynes Middle School, Metairie, LA, US.
Source: Journal of Experimental Education, Vol 59(4), Sum 1991. pp. 300-309.
Publisher: US: Heldref Publications. ISSN: 0022-0973 Language: English.
Examined the effect of answer changing on multiple-choice test performance on the Cornell Critical Thinking Test among 53 good and poor readers in the 8th grade. Although the gains of poor readers were higher than those of good readers, all Ss profited significantly from changing their answers on items. For all Ss, when a single response was changed, there was a 2:1 chance that the new response would raise rather than lower the final score. Gains from answer changing on test items were slightly higher for poor readers as a group than were those for good readers. However, the result was not significant. Results lend support to the notion that answer-changing response among young examinees should be encouraged if there is a reasonable doubt about their "1st Impression." (PsycINFO Database Record.)

DOWNLOAD8. Title: Effects of Chunked Text-Material on Reading Comprehension of High and Low Ability Readers.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Reading Improvement, v27 n4 p269-75 Win 1990. ISSN: 0034-0510.
Descriptors: Junior High Schools, Reading Comprehension, Reading Instruction, Reading Processes, Reading Research, Reading Strategies, Text Structure, Junior High Schools Identifiers: Text Factors
Examines whether text-material presented in "chunks" or phrases significantly improves the reading comprehension of 50 eighth grade students composed of 2 reading ability groups. Finds that "chunking" sentences into meaningful units of thought aids low-ability readers more than high-ability readers. (MG).
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Reports Research Availability: Not available from ERIC.

DOWNLOAD9. Title: Effects of Chunked Reading Among Learning Disabled Students: An Experimental Comparison of Computer and Traditional Chunked Passages.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Journal of Educational Technology Systems, v17 n2 p115-21 1988-89.
Descriptors: Analysis of Variance, Comparative Analysis, Computer Assisted Instruction, Conventional Instruction, Intermode Differences, Learning Disabilities, Pretests Posttests, Reading Comprehension, Reading Difficulties, Reading Improvement, Reading Processes, Retention (Psychology), Secondary Education, Sentences, Secondary Education.
Identifiers: Chunking, Paper and Pencil Exercises.
This study compared the effects of chunking sentences on the retention and comprehension of two groups of learning disabled high school students, who received chunked reading via computer assisted instruction (CAI) or traditional methods. Both experimental groups performed better on the posttest than the control group, who received CAI without chunking. (11 references) (LRW).
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Reports Research Availability: Not available from ERIC.

DOWNLOAD10. Title: Motivating Reluctant Readers to Become Mature Readers.
Author(s): Casteel, Clifton A.
Source: Reading Improvement, v26 n2 p98-102 Sum 1989.
Identifiers: Positive Attitudes, Reading Motivation, Reluctant Readers.
Presents reading strategies and techniques that will bring about positive reading attitudes and instill confidence in reluctant readers. Argues that teachers who exhibit positive attitudes and expectations will see their students develop and grow. Provides several questions for a reading interest inventory. (RS).
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Guides - Classroom Teacher Availability: Not available from ERIC.